Is it hard to be a really good programmer?

April 13th, 2015

I would like to read an explanation in order to find an approach to be good at programming.

Here’s the approach: one step at a time.

You are making a classic mistake, and that is comparing yourself to people who have ten times or even a hundred times more experience than you.

Exceptional programmers do indeed have a vast repertoire of knowledge and skills, including programming languages and various branches of computer science. But nobody is born an exceptional programmer.

Is it extremely hard to become a really good programmer? Well, it sure takes a lot of work. But the people who put in that amount of work are the ones who enjoy programming the most. If you find programming rewarding enough, you’ll get there, eventually. But you don’t have to become an exceptional programmer if you don’t find the work rewarding. You can prioritize other things in life. That’s perfectly fine.

And remember—finding out that you “don’t know almost anything” is not such a bad thing. To be aware of your own limitations is essential to self-improvement. It’ll also keep you humble and open-minded.