Part 1: Nhan Nguyen: the perseverance of a talented youth.

April 16th, 2015

On 14th and 15th April, Tuoitre, a Vietnamese major newspaper, and HTV, a national television broadcaster, both shared stories about Nhan Nguyen. He might be a successful young entrepreneur who co-founded his own IT company at the age of 24, but that alone is not enough. Why is the media so interested in his story? Who is this Nhan Nguyen?

Nhan Nguyen with his “Gia Nong San” mobile application on Tuoitre and HTV

Unfortunate childhood:
At 9 months old, Nhan had suffered from a severe stomach disease: digestive disorder. The doctors had no choice but to perform a tremendously risky surgery. Nhan was fortunate enough to survive, but has to live with hemiplegia, a type of physical disorder which causes the weakness in the entire left or right side of the body, for the rest of his life. Since then, he has been facing many difficulties in his everyday routines, but he never gives up.

Stephen Hawking – one of Nhan’s model

He keeps seeking for a way to help his parents, and to be socially relevant. His philosophy of life was that “Only education and hardworking can change the course of my life, forever.” However, this inspiration alone had little impacts, not until he finally found where his passion lies.

Software development career:
“Nhan Nguyen has a strong desire to be “normal”, and he had found the way to fulfill it. In the computer science field, nothing is normal. The IT culture has persisted with the so many abnormalities such as geeks and nerds. In here, the abnormality is the normal”

When Nhan was 15, he had a chance to touch a computer for the first time. He was so excited and knew right away that “This magical small stuff is my only way out. I will be very good at computer science, and I will make very big impacts on this small thing.”. He had a lot of fun with Pascal programming, although he had to practice programming on papers most of the time since the computer was too expensive and uncommon in his hometown at that time.

Nevertheless, Nhan kept on studying and tried his best to pursue his dream. In 2008, he was admitted to Ho Chi Minh City University of Science (HCMUS), one of them most prestigious universities in Vietnam in the field of computer science. Getting into HCMUS is a great achievement, but HCMUS is not Stanford, Harvard or Yale. He knew that he had a good start, but the success was not there yet. Again, he kept studying and working harder so that his abilities would really become relevant in this era of information.

The establishment of Agilsun:
Since graduating from university, he had worked for several IT companies to hone his skills as well as gain valuable experiences. On 25th July 2013, he founded Agilsun ltd.( with two other co-founders, Truong and Huy. Agilsun has quickly become a reliable destination for high-quality IT outsourcing in the Vietnamese market. The company currently employ more than 30 staffs with diverse skill sets ranging from Mobile Application and Web Service to Web Development and Design.

kurokawa_140731_03Nhan on the right with his two other founders.

With the support of his Agilsunian colleagues, he has built a platform where he can transform his dreams into reality. One of them is to help his parents in their daily life as farmers. He had built “Giá nông sản” mobile application to fulfill his dream.

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