Part 2: Nhan Nguyen: “Gia nong san” mobile application story

April 22nd, 2015

In part 1, we have walked through Nhan’s life and endeavor. Now we will come to one of Nhan’s work, “Giá nông sản” mobile application.

The merchant’s deceit.

On the last few days of December 2014, Nhan went back to hometown for the New Year Holiday. It was coffee harvest season, and his parents were busy negotiating the selling price of their harvest with a merchant from Ho Chi Minh City. The conversation between the buyer and seller stuck Nhan for a while.

-“I would like to buy your coffee bean. How much do you have?”
-“We currently have 3,1 tons of coffee. Last year the price was at 39.500 VNĐ/kg, so we expect something around that.”
-“Well, the situation has changed a lot since then. We have been having an oversupply of coffee this year. I can only get around 36.000vnd/kg of coffee in Hochiminh city right now. so I can only offer you 34.500 VNĐ/kg at best. I will buy 1,5 tons if you agree with the price”
-“We will have to think about it and tell you if we will sell tomorrow.”

Later that day, his parents asked their neighbors about the current situation and heard the same story. All the merchants came here had the same story. Luckily, they also asked Nhan to search on the internet and then contact a coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City to confirm the merchant’s prices. The truth is that the market price in Ho Chi Minh city is at 41.500 VNĐ/kg!! The shop owner also said that they are willing to travel to the farm place to buy the coffee at 40.500 VNĐ/kg.
The next morning, his parents contact the merchant, and tell him the offer they got. That was the last time they saw that merchant on Bu Dop, Binh Phuoc soil…

The birth of “Gia Nong San”

Nhan’s parents had experienced similar stories many times over the years. Sometimes merchants win, but the farmer families could never ever truly win the negotiation games. His parents and many other farmers had been working so hard all year for the harvest, but the merchants never appreciate their hard works. Instead, they always try to deceive the hard-working farmers to get better prices; they simply had too much power on their hand.

Later that night, Nhan decided that he will give their parents a tool to negotiate better with the merchant and overcome their lack of much-needed market information to make the best decision. Nhan immediately searched for reliable sources. He found some, but the information was not well presented for the farmers. He decided to make a mobile app that will be so intuitive and user-friendly even his parents could use

Nhan published the mobile app “Gia nong san” on 20th February on both Google Play and Apple Store. This app helps farmers to check agricultural products’ price in some major Vietnamese cities. Nhan initially made “Gia nong san” as a gift for his parents, but it has quickly gained popularity and starts to be used farmers all over the country. Nhan hopes that in the near future his mobile application will become an indispensable tool for them to get the most out of their harvests.

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“A Vietnamese mobile application, made by Vietnamese, for Vietnamese, to make a better life for Vietnamese farmers. “

He also hopes that the success of his app would make major tech companies pay more attention to this area, and invest more on high-tech agricultural R&D. Even a small contribution would be able to make a big difference for Vietnam, an agricultural country with 80% of the population living in the countryside.

So, why not try this app now?
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